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About VisitPoint B.V.
VisitPoint B.V. offers state-of-the-art digital advertising and information systems. Our touchscreens and LED billboards can be placed almost anywhere. Both touchscreens and LED billboards are open screens which provide information and promote activities according to the customer’s needs. Our touchscreens as well as our LED billboards are both suited to be placed outdoors and can be used for a variety of purposes such as promotion, providing information or mobilizing people. The screens are equipped with a software which is made-to-measure depending on our customer’s needs. The casings, too, can be customized making it a unique and attractive product. Our customized state-of-the-art products are user-friendly, functional and effective. Do you want to catch people’s interest and ‘get them going’? Mobilize your target audience, for example to take part in an event, visit your shopping center or restaurant, or get to know a new product? Our screens display information in a unique way and the users can obtain information at any desired location.
What's next?
If you’re interested in a VisitPoint product we will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities. Next, we would make a working plan according to your needs: What do you expect from us, what are your goals and wishes? We would then look at possible locations where the product could be placed. Should this be a public location we would obtain the required permission for you. Further steps involve the design of the casing and development of the software needed for your application. During this process we test the product repeatedly and keep you informed. 
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